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Navicat Premium Keygen is a powerful all-in-one database administration tool that enables you to seamlessly create, organize, access, and share data across multiple databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. With features like visual database design, advanced automation capabilities, and collaboration tools, Navicat Premium helps database administrators, developers, and power users simplify and streamline working with databases.

Why Choose Navicat Premium Keygen?

Navicat Premium Full version crack is the premium edition of Navicat that builds on the capabilities of other versions with advanced features, including:

  • Visual Database Designer – Visually create, edit, and manage databases and all related objects like tables, views, functions, queries etc.
  • Intelligent Coding Assistance – Auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and other features to help write SQL code faster.
  • Secure Remote Access – Secure SSH tunneling and SSL connections protect data when accessing databases remotely.
  • Multi-database Connectivity – Seamlessly connect to all major database types from a single tool.
  • Automation Tools – Schedule backups, exports, reports, and more to automatically run at set times for added convenience.
  • Collaboration Capabilities – Securely share database connections, queries, models and other objects with team members.

With these robust features targeted for professional database administrators, Navicat Premium stands ahead of free or non-premium Navicat versions, as well as alternatives like PHPMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench.

Navicat Premium Keygen

Key Features Deep Dive

Visual Database Designer

The intuitive graphical interface in Free download Navicat Premium Keygen allows you to visually design and edit databases without coding required. Core features include:

  • Create, edit, and delete databases and all related objects like tables, views, indexes, functions, procedures etc
  • Design table structures by dragging-and-dropping fields or drawing entity relationship diagrams
  • Build queries through the visual query builder instead of writing SQL code manually
  • Edit and preview table data visually as well
  • Reverse engineer databases to auto-generate database diagrams

Administrators can streamline working with multiple databases through the object designers, reducing dependencies on IT teams for basic changes or updates.

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Intelligent Coding Capabilities

While the visual designers empower working without coding, Navicat Premium also provides intelligent features to make writing SQL easier for developers including:

  • Context-aware code completion for statements, keywords, database/table names etc
  • On-the-fly syntax checking highlights errors as you type code
  • Beautify SQL feature to format messy SQL scripts into readable code
  • Code snippets library to easily insert and edit reusable code blocks
  • Batch code execution to run multiple scripts or selected portions of code

Developers can code faster thanks to the robust editor, with additional convenience features like code beautification and snippets to save time.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

For database administrators or DevOps teams that need to securely connect to production databases remotely, Navicat Premium provides robust solutions:

  • SSH tunneling encrypts connections and passes SSH authentication making remote access safer
  • SSL/TLS certification verifies identities and encrypts communications preventing snooping
  • Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of login protection beyond passwords

These enterprise-grade security features prevent data breaches and minimize access disruptions when working with cloud or on-premises databases.

Smooth Multi-Database Handling

Modern database environments often involve multiple database types like MongoDB combined with MySQL, PostgreSQL with Oracle etc. Navicat Premium enables working seamlessly with the main types:

  • MySQL, MariaDB, Percona databases
  • MongoDB and other NoSQL databases
  • Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL relational databases
  • Data/ETL services like SQLite, ODBC, Amazon Redshift

Teams can use a single tool to handle administration, development and analytics across mixed database environments.

Automation Tools

Managing databases involves regularly running the same scripts for backups, reports, analytics, data loads etc. Navicat Premium gives administrators tools to automate tasks through:

  • Navicat Charts – automate analytics reports
  • Batch jobs – schedule Perl, Python, SQLite and more
  • Task Scheduler – backup databases, export/import data etc on autopilot

Database automation frees up administrators handled repetitive tasks so they can focus on higher value work.

Collaboration Features

Finally, Navicat Premium enables securely collaborating and sharing database objects like connections, queries, models etc with other Navicat users through:

  • Navicat Cloud – centrally manage shared objects
  • Navicat Map View – visualize object relationships
  • Granular permission controls – manage user access

The ability to securely collaborate helps organizations work more efficiently as a team.

As highlighted, Download free Navicat Premium solves a variety of barriers database administrators and developers face working with databases through visual tools, intelligent coding features, automation capabilities, secure remote access, and more.

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Pricing Options Overview

Navicat Premium Keygen is licensed per user rather than CPU cores, beginning at $299.99 per perpetual license, with discounts for multi-year subscriptions. Pricing options include:

Perpetual License

  • 1 year – $299.99 per user
  • 2 years – $499.99 per user (save $100)
  • 3 years – $699.99 per user (save $200)

Subscription Plans

  • 1 year subscription – $159.99 per user
  • 2 year subscription – $269.99 per user
  • 3 year subscription – $359.99 per user

Volume discounts for teams available as well. A free 30 day trial is offered to evaluate capabilities before purchasing.

Overall the pricing is competitive for the advanced features offered, which go beyond free or open source tools. Enterprises often gain ROI from developer productivity improvements and automation efficiencies.

Getting Started with Navicat Premium

For individual database developers and administrators getting started, Navicat Premium Free download enables connecting and managing databases through:

  • Download and Install – Quick setup installers available for Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. Require glibc 2.15+ and OpenSSL 1.0.1+.
  • Create Connections – Connect to local or remote database servers by location/IP, credentials, port etc.
  • Manage Database Objects – Visually create or edit databases, tables, queries, models and other objects.
  • Write Queries and Code – Write SQL in the advanced code editor, with intelligent code completion etc
  • Generate Reports – Automate exporting data using Navicat Report.
Navicat Premium Keygen


Working across MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases involves complexity that Navicat Premium abstracts away through it’s robust platform. For database administrators, developers, analysts and power users working with multiple databases, Download free Navicat Premium Keygen delivers automation tools, secure access capabilities, collaboration features and more to help streamline daily work. From simplifying basic tasks to solving complex workflows, Navicat Premium provides a premium solution beyond free database tools.

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